Obsessed with Embellishment

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Literally less than 5 minutes ago I found out I won this eBay auction for 5 brand new Indian wire bullion embroidery appliques!

These came from
Heritage Trading an eBay store that sells handmade Indian trims of astounding beauty and quality. Wire bullion embroidery is an advanced form, very difficult, and in India men tradtionally produce it. This wonderful eBay store brings it directly from the artisan to you.

So what shall I do with these treasures? I have five of them, each about 1 1/4 inches in diameter. A jacket? A bag? The planning is always the fun part!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Obsessed with Embellishment

*cough* (adjusts glasses and takes a sip of chai)

Hello!..This is the first entry in my blog, which is part of The Sewing Divas universe.

I love to sew, but my purest love is embellishment: embroidery, trim, lace, beading, fringe, buttons, applique - any type of adornment for clothing - it doesn't matter if it's a haute couture embroidery from Lesage, a Cuna Mola, or traditional Polish folk clothing - I love them all equally, just like it's impossible to love one of your children more than the next. I don't know why I have this obsession - maybe it's because I learned to embroider before I learned to sew. Every time I see an 18th school girl sampler, or a piece of modern wire bullion embroidery from India, I feel this powerful connection to the person who made it, even though I will never know who they are.

Fashion right now is pretty exciting for someone like me - we're in a fashion cycle that has lots of embellishment, and I think fashions from this era will be highly collectible in about 15-20 years. Hold onto your good stuff!

So in my blog I'll be sharing with you my embellishment projects, fine examples of current couture and RTW, techniques, and exceptional folk embellishment examples from around the world, and also good sources for trims and supplies.